Aluminium is, due to its properties, the second most used metal after iron. Recycling is a major aspect of continued aluminium use, with more than a third of all globally produced aluminium currently originating from old, traded and new scrap.

AluSalt™ is ALTEK’s economically viable solution to the global issue of salt slag (salt cake) recycling and processing. Depending on the quality of scrap or dross, 100kg - 1,000kg of salt slag is produced for each 1,000 kg of material charged into a Rotary Salt Furnace (RSF) with salt flux operation, a popular recycling method which amounts to several million tonnes of salt slag production each year. AluSalt is a unique, safe and optimised process, the first of its kind in the industry and the result of many years of research. Starting at 5,000 tonnes per year capacity and increasing to units capable of 30,000 tonnes per year, the technology will be available to the majority of aluminium recycling companies that generate salt slag. This will enable the aluminium recycler to meet the ever increasing stringent environmental legislation, improve their financial performance, provide security of their operation by having control of their waste streams, and ultimately reduce their own, and the industry’s carbon footprint.

By approaching the industry challenge with a clean sheet of paper and different perspective, ALTEK have been able to develop a technology with a CAPEX and OPEX that allow a cost effective solution for the world’s aluminium companies to re-cycle salt slag at their facilities.

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AluSalt™ offers economic, efficient recycling of salt slag for small to medium volumes at source.

There are several important stages of the AluSalt™ process to improve aluminium recovery, remove other metallic, and to create the necessary input material for an efficient salt slag recycling process.

Stage 1: Salt Slag Pressing

Stage 2: Salt Slag Crushing, screening and metal separation

Stage 3: Salt re-crystalisation and NMP processing

AluSalt Slag Recycling

AluSalt™ Benefits

AluSalt™ Brochure

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AluSalt Fact Sheet

ALTEK provides you with the most versatile, effective, and optimised crushing process, incorporating the most technologically advanced equipment in the field for high performance and reduced maintenance.

After salt slag has cooled (ideally using an ALTEK Salt Slag press for higher metal recoveries), it needs to go through a comprehensive crushing and screening process. The main aim of the process is to end up with an optimised output material to be used in the AluSalt™ “Wet process”, whilst extracting as much metallic elements as possible and keeping fines/losses to a minimum. This requires a multi-stage process involving crushing, screening, eddy current technologies to ensure a consistent metal recovery and quality output material is available to the Wet Stage of the AluSalt™ process.

AluSalt is a process to extract the salts and recrystallize them for re-use in the Rotary Salt Furnaces. The process provides a very high salt recovery rate meaning less salt purchasing costs each year, and confidence in both the quality and NaCl, KCl mix ratio for operational control. The resulting oxides (Non Metallic Particulate – NMP) are processed for use in other industries such as steel, cement, ceramics and refractories.

AluSalt™ Benefits AluSalt™ Benefits

This project has been realised with the support of the EU Research and Development Programme Horizon 2020.

European Commission

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