Optimise the productivity of your furnaces

Circulate your molten aluminum to realize a wide range of benefits

  • Reduce your cycle times
  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Reduce your melt loss
Cooled Electromagnetic Stirrers


Air-Cooled EMS Inductor

ALTEK Air cooled EMS, remove the requirement for water near your furnace, making the casthouse a safer environment.

Reduce Melt Loss

Reduce doss generation with an ALTEK EMS by preventing super heating of melt surface.

Increase Furnace Productivity

Reduce your cycle times and increase productivity, throughput and increase your number of casts with a faster melt rate.

Temperature and Chemical Homogeneity

Increase temperature and chemical homogeneity by shortening melt temperature and chemical composition inspection times.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Significant reduction in gas consumption due to improved heat transfer and door-closed circulation.

Improved Operator Safety

Improve safety and efficiency through automated furnace stirring whilst also limiting damage to refractory lining.


Explore Furnace Circulation with ALTEK’s EMS Range

ALTEK has designed, built, and installed bottom-mounted, side-mounted, curved (for round furnaces), and scrap and alloy addition submergence units to offer the above benefits to over 100 installations globally.

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