Electromagnetic Furnace Stirring

Magneto-Hydrodynamic Induction Stirring System

ALTEK presents the most versatile and cost-effective Electromagnetic Stirring (EMS) system available to the aluminium industry.

Since its launch in 2009/2010, ALTEK's Low Energy, Air-Cooled Electromagnetic Stirrers have become the benchmark for non-contact furnace stirring technology.

Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrers
Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrers
Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrers
Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrers
Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrers

The unique inductor design acts as an optimised electromagnet, creating unrivalled power and electromagnetic flow patterns in the molten aluminium whilst keeping energy consumption very low.

Consequently ALTEK's EMS can be installed on the bottom, side or back of almost any type of furnace size or shape, and is capable of stirring molten aluminium through all refractory types and thicknesses (currently up to 750mm). ALTEK also design movement and lifting systems which allow one inductor to travel between multiple furnaces for both bottom and side mounted installations.

It is well known that radiated heat from the burner and hot refractory to exposed scrap is the most efficient mode of heat transfer. Once the aluminium starts to melt and scrap becomes submerged, this effective heat transfer is replaced with conduction and convection which is far less efficient. ALTEK's EMS breaks this limitation by circulating the molten bath on horizontal and vertical planes at the same time, improving convection effect, increasing melt rates, and therefore productivity of a furnace. Other benefits include a reduction in gas consumption, quick temperature homogeneity, reduced dross generation, improved alloying efficiency and yield and improved labour resource.

Unlike many other electromagnetic stirring systems, the inductor is 100% air cooled and does not require an expensive water circulating and cooling system. The system is installed to the exterior of the furnace, is non-contact and has no moving parts, which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Main Features:-

  • Increases furnace productivity up to 25%
  • Reduces gas consumption up to 15%
  • Reduces melt loss up to 30%
  • Rapid chemical and temperature homogeneity
  • No moving parts
  • Air cooled inductor
  • Maximize metal recoveries
  • Cost effective – long life

Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrer

Click here to download the technical fact sheet as a pdf file (390kb)

Electromagnetic Furnace Stirrer Fact Sheet


EMS Case Study 1

EMS Case Study 1

EMS Melting Mode 1

EMS Melting Mode 1

EMS Melting Mode 2

EMS Melting Mode 2

EMS Low Mixing Mode

EMS Low Power Mixing Mode

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