Salt Slag Press

Aluminium Extraction

ALTEK have developed a specialised salt slag press to extract as much aluminium out of slag as possible. Salt slag differs from aluminium dross due to it having a lower aluminium content and a higher temperature when taken out of the furnace.

ALTEK’s salt slag press is designed and programmed to match these differing needs so as to maximise aluminium extraction, and therefore saving you money and increasing aluminium recovery.

Salt Slag Press
Salt Slag Press
Salt Slag Press
Salt Slag Press
Salt Slag Press

Maximizing your returns of aluminium from very hot salt slag can be difficult due to its low aluminium content and high temperature. As the temperature of the slag can be in excess of 1200°C when it is transferred from the Tilting Type Rotary Furnace (TTRF) into the salt slag pan, continued thermiting will lower the return as aluminium is burnt . ALTEK have now developed a Salt Slag Press and several of these have been successfully in operation since the September 2010. This press is designed with a specialized and patented ‘air cooled’ press head which rapidly cools the slag in conjunction with the large mass specialized RHINO CAST cast steel slag bin and seals the surface of the slag in the bin so as to stop any Oxygen ingress that would support continued thermiting. As a consequence it lowers the temperature of the salt slag to around 350 to 400°C, to improve aluminium extraction but also stops all fuming and smoke within minutes of the pressing operation starting. The salt slag pans are also designed to be very thermo-conductive to aid the process of cooling the slag. The pressed salt slag, with now very low aluminium content, can be stored more effectively and can then be sent off to be chemically processed.

Main Features:-

  • Increases furnace productivity up to 25%
  • Reduces gas consumption up to 15%
  • Reduces melt loss up to 30%
  • Rapid chemical and temperature homogeneity
  • No moving parts
  • Air cooled inductor
  • Maximize metal recoveries
  • Cost effective – long life


Click here to download the technical fact sheet as a pdf.

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