Tilting Rotary Furnaces

Tilting Type Rotary Furnace – TTRF®

With over 50 references around the world, the TTRF® is considered the most advanced and competitive rotary furnace in the industry with its the short cycle times and the dry flux melting process technology.

The ALTEK TTRF® combines the high efficiency of the sealed door Oxy-Fuel burner with the ALTEK- patented control system and furnace design to provide the highest thermal efficiency resulting in the industry’s fastest melt times. Typical cycle times will be three hours or less.

Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces
Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces
Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces
Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces
Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces

All Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces can melt without salt. Metal units, however, are lost in the process. Dry flux melting reduces the cost of purchasing and disposing of fluxes, less energy is also lost heating the flux with maximum metal recovery. The proprietary PLC based control system reduces tap-to-tap times by indicating the optimum point at which the aluminium should be poured. Thermal efficiencies of 75-80% can be achieved and a productivity uptime of 98%.

ALTEK’s ability to continue to lead the world in this product, now in conjunction with MECHATHERM International who have a long and well established history in providing complete and well engineered (and also turnkey) cast house solutions to the world aluminium industry. The 1st class engineering and process control team that has been built up at MECHATHERM have utilised their 3D design and finite element analysis experience and facilities to ensure a low stress and optimised construction of the furnace structure and drive and provided a high level of process control and automation.

With access to global manufacturing resources and experience of project execution across the world, the co-operation will be able to offer high specification but very competitively priced solutions of their TRMF product range.

Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces
Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces

Because there is an ever growing focus on the impact that recycling aluminium has on the environment (emissions, CO2 footprint and also waste management/land fill) we will be focusing very strongly on the environment in both design and supply. As an example of this co-operation, with our combined experiences, we will be bringing to the market new low salt and salt free process solutions with the intention of supporting the industry’s drive to zero waste and maximised recovery from the aluminium re-cycling processes.

The objective of the partnership is to provide TRMF solutions that allow for a wide range of furnace capacities (including 4T, 7T, 12T, 16T and 24T) but also include many of the features mentioned below:

Main Features:-

  • Durable robust designs for scrap re-melt foundries
  • Fume treatment plants included if required
  • Rapid charge scrap charging machines available
  • High efficiency oxy-fuel or cold air burner systems
  • Drive systems custom designed for different capacities
  • Range of custom designed control systems available
  • 3D designed structures with finite element analysis for low stress construction
  • Combined reference list totals over 40 installations
  • Turnkey installed plant available if required or supply and supervision

Tilting Rotary Furnaces

Click here to download the technical fact sheet as a pdf.

Tilting Rotary Furnaces Fact Sheet

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