Press Heads

Press Head Design

All ALTEK TARDIS Gen II Dross Press and Salt Slag models are fitted with a specially designed, cast steel press head, suited to the mould of the dross pan which has been supplied.

Combining the correct press head with the dross pan is vital to ensure the thermiting dross is extinguished quickly. With our extensive knowledge we can provide press heads with a variety of design, size and shape for optimal in-house aluminium recovery and rapid cooling of aluminium dross or rotary furnace slag.

Press Heads

The press heads come with patented press head cooling technology which rapidly cools the dross through a more efficient heat transfer system. This allows for more metal units to be saved, creates a more effective pressing operation and increases the life span of the press heads.

Each dross type behaves differently when pressed and our press heads are designed to accommodate for any dross or slag type, whether you produce dry dross, wet dross, black dross, white dross, salt slag and rotary slag.

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