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About ALTEK a Harsco Company | Aluminum Technology Specialists

Our Passion

We pride ourselves on supplying market-leading equipment and expertise to maximise the aluminium recovery from dross.  We are the only partner than can provide world class Total Dross Management.

Our Vision

To Shape the Casthouse of Tomorrow.

Our Differentiation 

We have continued to push the boundaries and look at our industry with fresh eyes, resulting in new and advanced solutions across the entire casthouse that are transforming the aluminum industry.

Underpinning this methodology, and at the center of our brand, sits ALTEKAdvance, the four pillars of our brand architecture.

  • ALTEKadvance: Partnering

    Taking partnership to a new level, tailoring solutions to your requirements.
  • ALTEKadvance: Thinking

    Our consultancy expertise develops strategies for progress.
  • ALTEKadvance: Insight

    Industry thought leaders showcasing tomorrow’s technology, today.
  • ALTEKadvance: Solutions

    The best range of technology to maximize aluminum recovery.