Robust cast steel products for tough applications.

Bespoke Casting Solutions to meet every need.

  • Long Lasting and Durable Alloy
  • Reduce Procurement Costs
  • Improve Aluminium Drain (Dross Pans)


Over 200 Designs to Fit Every Need

Wide range of designs to fit all furnace sizes, dross volumes and casthouse layouts. Bespoke designs are available upon request.

Reduce Procurement Costs

Replace pans and moulds less often due to our robust cast steel designs.

Improve Casthouse Safety

ALTEK’s material is more durable and less likely to crack / warp when compared to fabricated or cast iron alternatives.

Increase Aluminium Drain

Dross pans design engineered to provide maximum flow of metal to provide maximum inhouse recoveries.

High Shock Resistance

Alloys designed and proven to withstand the thermal shock from the hottest dross types and mechanical shock.

Dross Pans and Sow Moulds in Stock

A variety of pans and moulds in stock, available on short lead times.


More Than Just a Casthouse Consumable

ALTEK dross pans, slag bins, and sow moulds offer an increased lifetime, higher in-house recoveries and improve the working environment for operators.

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