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AluSalt and Salt Slag Recycling to Maximum Aluminum Recovery

Closed loop salt slag recycling technology

AluSalt™ is Altek’s economically viable solution to the global issue of salt slag (salt cake) recycling and processing

  • Independence - Onsite reprocessing for operational control
  • Maximize Value – Recovery of key materials; aluminium, salt and oxides
  • Environmental – Low energy and no waste. Adheres to strictest legislations
  • AluSalt

    Our technology at work

    Altek designed and supplied a 20,000 TPA salt slag recycling facility within the UAE.  The customer is responsible for recycling much of the dross generated in the region via Tilt Rotary Furnace salt flux operation, and now recovers the valuable aluminum and salts for re-use in their process, and sells the remaining oxides into the local cement industry. 


    Operational Efficiency




    Closed Loop




    Increased Control

    Cost effective

    Cost Effective

    Better together

    Although all ALTEK technology excel at what they do, you can achieve even more if you partner them with our fleet of bespoke solutions.

    • Salt Slag Press

      Cool salt slag quickly with our slag press, maximizing metal content in your slag

      Market-leading press for maximum metal recovery from pressed dross skulls
    • Dross Press

      Maximize metal yields from your dross with an Altek dross press
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