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Aluminum Dross Recycling & Recovery Process | Dross Castings

Maximizing recoveries throughout the dross recycling process

  • Maximize inhouse and secondary metal recovery with the ALTEK Dross Press
  • Maximize yield from dross skulls with our Tilt Rotary Furnace technology
  • Maximize savings by internally reprocessing your salt slag with Alusalt™
Altek Dross Press Equipment


Maximize Inhouse Metal Unit Recoveries

Process dross in an ALTEK Dross Press to maximize metal drain and return it to your melting furnace.

Rapid Cooling of Salt Slag

Our Salt Slag Cooling Press increases metal unit recovery, reduces fumes and significantly reduces the formation of nitrides within minutes.

Improved Casthouse Environment

Eliminate continued burning of dross in your casthouse, making it a safer and cleaner environment for operators.

Recycle Salt Slag Using AluSalt™ technology

Our commercially proven, economically viable and scalable solution for your Tilt Rotary Furnace, providing an economically viable outlet for the salt slag.

ALTEK Melting Solutions Tilt Rotary Furnace

Our range represents the most effective melting furnace technology available in the market for processing mixed scrap and drosses.

Maximize Secondary Metal Unit Recoveries

Rapid dross cooling with our Dross Press prevents oxidation of metal units and agglomerate remaining metal to improve metal unit recovery.

Dross recovery from furnace

On-site, scalable and sustainable. Ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Dross can amount to 5% of a facilities total production, so preserving metal units is vital. Partner with ALTEK to maximize the revenue from your dross. We can reduce dross levels before it leaves the furnace and ensure that metal unit recovery is maximized at each stage of the recycling process.

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