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Steel Castings: Dross Pan, Slag Bin & Sow Mould Castings

We offer a wide range of steel castings to meet the requirements of every casthouse

  • Long-lasting and Durable Alloy
  • Reduce Procurement Costs
  • Improve in-house aluminum drain
  • Dross Pan

    More than just a casthouse consumable

    ALTEK dross pans, slag bins, and sow moulds offer an increased lifetime, higher in-house recoveries and improve the working environment for operators.


    Increase Efficiency

    Cost effective

    Cost Effective


    Enhanced Safety


    Low Maintenance


    Ease of Use


    Increased Yields

    Sow Mould

    We currently produce a wide range of sow mold types to many customers around the world who have benefitted from our high-quality standards at very competitive pricing. We also provide bespoke material should a customer have a preferred alloy choice. 


    • Fully cast fork pockets
    • Cast feet/lugs for ease of material handling
    • ALTEK's designed and tested Steel alloys
    • ALTEK’s Patented RHINO-CAST® Steel
    Dross Pan

    ALTEK's proprietary RHINO-CAST® alloy steel has been specifically developed to withstand the severe cast house environment and is designed to endure both mechanical and thermal shock

    • Maximise in-house drain
    • Over 40 dross pan models
    • Capacity ranging from 50kg to over 2,500kg
    Slag Bin

    The salt slag bins we supply are designed specifically to cope with the extreme heat generated from Secondary Remelt Tilt Rotary Furnace and can be used in a variety of dross press models and alternatively as a standalone salt slag cooling process

    • Long Lasting and Durable Alloy
    • Repairable On-Site if Damaged
    • Reduced Pan Procurement
    Press Head

    All ALTEK TARDIS Gen II Dross Press and Salt Slag models are fitted with a specially designed, cast steel press head, suited to the mould of the dross pan which has been supplied. Combining the correct press head with the dross pan is vital to ensure the thermiting dross is extinguished quickly. The press heads come with patented press head cooling technology which rapidly cools the dross through a more efficient heat transfer system, allowing for optimal in house recovery.

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