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ALTEK Procurement Solutions. The best value for money.


Framework agreements

  • Capital purchase and payment schedules available
  • Enables many benefits of ownership
  • Provide immediate profitability

Financial Models

  • Various options to suit your requirements
  • Leasing Plans
  • Payment Plans

Preferred Partner

  • We pride ourselves on our customer focus
  • We are your trusted advisor
  • We are your solutions provider

Pricing Stuctures

  • Transparent pricing structures

Value Proposition

  • Developing an accurate value proposition for maximum return

Standardised Designs

  • Greater cost efficiency using standardised, longer lasting designs


  • Open and collaborative approach to ensure we understand and meet your requirements 

Better together

Although all ALTEK technology excel at what they do, you can achieve even more if you partner them with our fleet of bespoke solutions.

  • Castings

    Long-lasting and durable steel castings
  • Dross Press

    Maximize your Aluminum recovery with our market-leading dross press

    Tilting Rotary Furnace Technology
  • AluSalt

    Salt Slag / Cake Recycling
Abstract metal pattern

Explore new and exciting possibilities with ALTEK

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