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Aluminum Furnace Circulation and Melting Solutions

We provide safe, effective and low maintenance electromagnetic stirrer systems for molten aluminium circulation.

  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Melt Loss
  • Furnace Circulation

    Our Proven Track Record Speaks for Itself

    Over 100 successful reference installations worldwide with increased furnace performance. The Altek Inductor is 100% air-cooled and does not require a complicated expensive, and potentially unsafe water-cooling system close to the furnace. We design, build and install each machine customized to individual requirements.



    Reduced Energy Consumption

    Reduced Energy Consumptionion


    Increased Productivity


    Enhanced Safety


    Ease of Use

    Reduced Energy Consumption

    Sustainable Solutions

    Air-Cooled EMS Inductor

    ALTEK Air cooled EMS, removes the requirement for water near your furnace, making the casthouse a safer environment.

    Reduce Energy Consumption

    By up to 25% with ALTEK EMS by preventing super heating of melt surface and sub-surface circulation of the melt.

    Reduce Melt Loss

    By up to 25% with our EMS by preventing super heating of melt surface and sub-surface circulation of the melt.

    Improved Operator Safety

    Improve safety and efficiency through automated furnace stirring whilst also limiting damage to refractory lining.
    Side Mounted

    The most versatile and cost-effective electromagnetic furnace stirring system in the industry. Based on the principal of a linear induction motor, a low-frequency air-cooled inductor is placed on the bottom or side of a furnace to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.

    • Patented controls and design system
    • Easy to retrofit to existing furnaces
    • Side or bottom mounted applications
    Curved EMS

    Based on the versatile EMS Range, the curved EMS is designed for applications where the furnace shell is curved or rounded, specifically dome furnaces.

    • Patented controls and design
    • An industry first, taking the benefits of circulation to round furnaces
    • Increase productivity and reduce gas consumption
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    Explore new and exciting possibilities with ALTEK

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