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Our Latest Technologically Advanced and Thermal Processing Equipment and Expertise for Dross and Scrap.

  • Highest Metal Recovery
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Sustainable

    Energy efficient solutions. Oxy fuel and hybrid combustion. Low energy melting at 350kW per tonne (619 BTU/lb)


    Capable of processing mixed scrap and drosses with a range of custom-designed control systems available


    Full automation in line with Industry 4.0

    Cost Effective

    Quality engineering ensures long service life with minimum maintenance

    The ALTEK TTRF® combines the high efficiency of the sealed door Oxy-Fuel burner with the ALTEK- patented control system and furnace design to provide the highest thermal efficiency resulting in the industry’s fastest melt times.

    ALTEK Melting Solutions offer a full range of holding furnaces, oil or gas fired, both stationary and hydraulic tilting. Tilting is always lip axis and can be end or side tilt to accommodate the most effective position and working in the casthouse.

    • Alloying of elements such as Copper and Silicon
    • Metal treatment, removal of Hydrogen, Magnesium and Calcium
    • Maximising productivity so melting furnace time is not taken up alloying or casting

    Ingot Casting Machines are built to Customer product specification and production rate. Metal pouring is via a Starwheel. The Low Dross Starwheel Pouring System gives double outlets into each mould and produces high quality, flash free ingots at high production rates.

    Ingot Casting and Stacking machines using a Robot give automated production from molten metal at the start to finishing with a bundle of ingots. These machines have four basic elements.

    • Ingot Casting Machine
    • Cooling
    • Arranging Conveyor
    • Robot and Ingot Bundle Conveyor
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