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Not the Press you remember.

We've reinvented the dross press to better serve your needs

  • Sustainable solution to dross processing
  • Maximize metal recoveries
  • Cost effective
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    Rapid Return on Investment

    Our proven track record in over 500 reference installations speaks for itself. Optimizing your dross management process with an ALTEK Dross Press increases metal unit recovery resulting in improved dross/salt slag management.

    A Closer Look at our Dross Press

    ALTEK is a market leader and has pioneered many of the technologies that are commonplace in our industry today. Innovation is in our DNA and we continue to develop new solutions to meet our customers' demands.  




    Utilizing a Fume Filtration Unit helps keep your cast house a cleaner and safer place to work


    Range of footprints and able to process a wide variety of dross types and volumes with over 40 different dross pan sets to choose from

    Fully Autonomous

    Allows for operational ease and quick cycle times to further improve cast-house efficiency


    Robust, durable and intuitive design built to stringent International standards
    8 Dross Pess model sizes
    Treat dross generation from 50kg to 2,500kg in only 1 pressing cycle
    5% to 25% In-House Drain
    40% to 70% Secondary Recovery

    Better Together

    Although all ALTEK technology excel at what they do, you can achieve even more if you partner them with our fleet of bespoke solutions.

    • Steel Castings

      Dross Pan, Slag Bin and Sow Mould Casings
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    Explore new and exciting possibilities with ALTEK

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