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Dross Processing Plant Middle East Gulf Region - Air Fuel


Investments in scrap re-melting facilities are paying off across the entire spectrum of the aluminum industry, including primary and secondary cast houses and the foundry/die casting sectors. Recycling utilizes resources, and scrap is a low-cost feedstock alternative compared to primary reduction, providing high energy savings.

The key profit drivers for scrap melting are low energy, high productivity and, most notably, maximum metal recovery. As scrap is a highly complex and varied material, to achieve desired outcomes, the furnace and its process technology must be tailored to the individual operator’s specific needs.

In January 2020, ALTEK acquired Melting Solutions Limited, gaining its years of experience and a proven track record melting scrap and delivering many cost-effective melting plants worldwide for all types of scrap. Today, the ALTEK Tilt Rotary Plants deliver outstanding outcomes for customers, achieving exceptional results on both oxy fuel and air fuel furnaces.