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ALTEK’s Stirring Technology, Advanced Partnership Provides Significant Advantages for ALCOA Norway


The use of electromagnetic (EM) stirring of aluminum melting and holding furnaces is widely accepted throughout the global aluminum industry. However, the benefits recently experienced from the application of ALTEK stirring technology to a 90-metric-ton melting furnace at ALCOA Mosjøen, Norway, demonstrates that significant advantages are available to corporations seeking a sustainable, safe and productive alternative to the age-old industry standard.

Coupled with oxy-fuel burner technology on the remelt furnace, ALTEK’s SIBERFORCE™ air-cooled EM stirring technology with dynamic in-cycle control provided unique operational benefits to the ALCOA Mosjøen aluminum plant, which is among the biggest in Europe. Benefits of this new technology include lower energy use and fewer risks that are inherent to the older water-cooled technology that can sometimes be found under furnace hearths.